Our Services

Tree Thinning

The removal of live branches enables more light to penertrate through to your home or to allow growth of plants around the base. Where there is the potential for the tree to become unstable due to bad weather conditions Crown Thinning is also recommended to prevent potential damage to property.

Hedge Work

Our team are able to assist you with all your hedge work needs, from keeping the hedge nice and neat to reductions of overgrown hedges.

Crown Reduction

A reduction on certain areas can be done to clear structures and other trees.

Crown lifting

Where some trees may block road signage or be a hazard to pedestrians or vehicles the trees lower branches can be removed to allow easier view or access. This process would also allow for extra light to penetrate through

Section Felling

Tree stump grinding or removal allows you to lay flat paths or driveways or to simply get the lawn nice and even.

Stump Grinding

This process entails the complete removal of a tree in sections, this is done concisely and with precision so that the tree causes as little harm to the surrounding area as possible. We fell large trees which may require directional winching to make the process as safe and environmentally friendly as possible to small domestic trees which can all be disposed of for you.


This severe pruning is necessary if the tree is unstable or has become too large for the area it inhabits. This process does cause invigorated new growth and can be very useful for the trees long term future.